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About Me

"Joanna gives us a viscerally realistic account ... in a faultless and sustained solo performance."
                              - Norwich Eye, reviewing Mother Hode


"... moving... a fine singing voice."
                           - Norwich Eye, reviewing We Will Stand


"... a convincing villain who we cannot just dismiss as a monochrome baddie."

                          - Norwich Eye, reviewing At The Turning of The Tide

"... credible... cleverly showing the progression of the character from helpless and fearful to strong and remorseless."

                         - Edition Online, reviewing Gaslight

"Joanna Swan’s old Queen Margaret is particularly memorable... It is hard not to despise what society has done to her."

                        - Norwich Radical, reviewing Richard III

"Joanna Swan gave a captivating performance as Margery. It must be challenging to portray a character as hysterical as Margery, without losing the sincerity of her belief.

Swan adeptly managed this and, rather than being alienated by her lamentations, the audience empathised with Margery’s torments."

              - Lynn News, reviewing Margery Kempe of Lynn


"Powerful... sympathetic, involving, and nuanced."
            - Audience feedback, Margery Kempe of Lynn


"...inimitable comic timing..."

           - Lynn News, reviewing The Poisoners' Pact


"Swan’s performance especially was full of energy and her relationship with the audience was deliciously bawdy."

        -  InSuffolk, reviewing The Poisoners' Pact


"...very open and brave work." 

          - Mike Bernardin, Acting Coach specialising in the Meisner Technique


"...a very talented performer...observant and witty..informs all her creative endeavors with loads of research and reference ensuring a great quality of layered work whilst constantly examining and developing her own practice." 
         - Dugald Ferguson, Artist / Performer / Producer @ DugaldFergusonArt / Living Structures 


"...a role player who consistently performs well in Cons Skills sessions and works well with the Med tutors in taking instruction and offering insight."
         - University of East Anglia Medical School 


"...a pleasure to work with... always looking for options as an actor to contribute even more every time." 
         - Stathis Grapsas, director / tutor, Hydrama 

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