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"Naughty at Forty"!

As a woman who did not become a professional actress until she was well into her mid 30's, I've been, in the last few years, more aware of the age I appear to be (as opposed to the age I really am), and how I look in general, than I ever really wanted to be. I've accepted that an awareness of how I appear in the eyes of others is part of the job, but it's definitely one of the hardest parts. You wouldn't know it to look at this image, but I do have body image issues and the very least of this is that am constantly segueing, as many performers of whatever gender do, between thinking I look "too sexy" and "not sexy enough", between "too old" and "not old enough," between "too ordinary" and "too strange". Photographic modelling isn't something I've always done or find easy, but something I do now to confront my fears and issues head on.

On the subject of "too strange", I got my tattoos before I took to pro acting. I know they're a pain for costume designers but they are, at least hide-able (unless playing a role where the exposure of un-decorated skin is called for, of course). Would I let them extend any further? No. But I wouldn't contemplate lasering them away either. They're part of me now and I just have to accept that they limit me as much as the fact that I'm short, busty and curvy also limits me.

Anyway; this is me and I've just turned forty. I hope I've still got plenty of acting adventures left in front of me.

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