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Improvement in my "fillum" making skills

I've made another of my home-made "Phyllis" films. This one is called "New Gardener" and follows Phyllis' first meeting with the eccentric and comely "Neighbours" enthusiast Nate, for whom gardening is just one of the many jobs in his "portfolio career". Technically I think my edit skills have improved since the previous. I got a better balance between music and dialogue - and we didn't shoot it in the dark!

Also I think I got a better pace; the last one could have done with being shorter and cutting to the main act sooner... that's the problem with making films when one is an actor - one does not wish to leave the performances of oneself and one's peers on the cutting room floor... but sometimes to make a film crack along you have to. I've actually watched this one a couple more times and thought "I could have ended a couple of these scenes 3 seconds earlier". Hey ho.

It's great to improve - but the downside is you do start wishing you could go back and remake the earlier "fillums!" Anyway, hope you enjoy it.

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