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Theatre meets the real world

Spent a large portion of the day lying in a cardboard box in a disused factory during rehearsal for Crude Apache Theatre Co's upcoming Richard III; the run begins on 23rd November.

Although I appear content and cozy in this pic, lying there non stop for half an hour over lunchtime, scrunched up in my tiny, flimsy container with only a few layers of cardboard between my body and the cold hard concrete reminded me - even with my hot water bottle clutched to my body like my most treasured possession and my friends nearby - just how dreadful it would be to try to sleep on the streets. The cold, the pain of being curled up against the cold, the noise, the fear of attack. Total vulnerability. I don't think I could survive living like that. I see exactly why one would use addictive drugs and alcohol: anything to warm the body and help one sleep.

I'm so happy to have my home and friends.

I hope this will never be my life.

Here is a link to the show details

UPDATE - 14 November 2016: I'm very happy to say that Crude Apache Theatre Co has agreed to pledge 25% of any profit made to Emmaus, a charity that helps the homeless in our local area.

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