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BBC One's "Doctors" - Part 1

It all happened so fast.

My agency, VisABLE People, let me know on Tuesday 28 March that there was a casting opportunity just right for me on the show, "Doctors". I took a deep breath and decided "why not try?" On that very same day my CV was put forward and the casting team confirmed they would like to see me... in two day's time! My partner said this was important and rapidly rearranged a meeting so that he could drive me there and back. On Wednesday I studied my sides (thankfully no monologues!) and watched as many episodes of Doctors as I could - no hardship as it's a fun show!

By Thursday 30 March I was walking through the false front of "Holby City Hospital" in Elstree Studios for my very first TV casting. For once I was able to come right out and talk about my autism, because that's what the role I was auditioning for was all about. I knew my lines, did my stuff, and followed the clear, concise direction where given. It was a brilliantly positive experience yet went by in such a whirlwind I came out feeling almost that I had dreamed it! Fortunately I was able to take a snap of my ID card to confirm to myself it was all true. Then back to meet partner anxiously waiting at the gate.

Fast forward to 4pm on Friday 31 March and my stomach is in knots as I answer the phone to VisABLE and greet Shannon. There's a smile in her voice: "I have good news for you..."

Yes, it is really happening! I am going to make an appearance on BBC TV as a "Female Guest Lead" in an episode of "Doctors"!

The shoot will be 3 days between April 10th and 19th. I can''t wait to go on my Awfully Big Adventure!

Keep following for Part 2 and I'll tell you about the shoot.

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